Police and animal control officers in New Jersey said an escaped goat led them on a chase down the appropriately named Lambs Road.

The Washington Township Police Department said police and Gloucester County Animal Control officers responded about 4:30 p.m. Sunday when a loose goat was reported wandering around a residential neighborhood.

The frightened goat fled down Lambs Road and the officers managed to guide the animal to a nearby wooded area.

"Normally goats are not too difficult to capture unless they are not socialized and/or scared," William Lombardi, director of the Gloucester County Animal Shelter, told the Courier Post newspaper. "This goat turned out to be very friendly, just scared."

Lombardi said the officers were eventually able to capture the goat when it "got tangled in the thicket."

Police posted a photo of the goat on Facebook and were eventually able to reunite the animal with its owner.