Police in New Jersey commandeered a kayak to rescue a dog that swam out into a pond and ended up stuck neck deep in muck.

The Washington Township Police Department said a neighbor spotted Akela, a boxer/mastiff mix, stranded in the pond Wednesday and called police.

The neighbor said the dog had run into the pond after narrowly avoiding being struck by a car.

Police Lt. John Kaufmann said officers arrived on the scene and determined Akela appeared to be tangled in plants and was barely able to keep her head above the muck.

"The poor thing must have been treading water for a while and not going anywhere," Kaufmann told NJ.com.

Officer John Kuligowski borrowed a kayak spotted nearby and paddled out to Akela. He guided the canine back to shore.

"It was a very heroic rescue," Kaufmann said. "The dog was definitely stuck in something. Officer Kuligowski said at one point she wasn't moving, her leg was stuck in vegetation."

Police said Akela was in good spirits after the rescue and did not appear to be injured.