Police responded to a Pittsburgh neighborhood where a gang of escaped goats -- and one donkey -- were seen running loose.

Allegheny County 911 said someone called the emergency number just after midnight early Tuesday to report the goats and their donkey companion were running loose in the Brighton Heights neighborhood.

The goats, which belong to local company Allegheny Goatscape, apparently escaped from a fenced-in area at Brighton Heights Park when a deer damaged a part of the fence. The goats, and their donkey protector Hobo, are being employed to clear vines and knotweed in the park ahead of planned development projects.

Public Safety spokeswoman Sonya Toler said a police officer was able to escort the herd back to the enclosed area.

"Thank you to the good neighbors of Brighton Heights that got the herd back in safely!" Allegheny Goatscape said in a Facebook post. "Deer knocked through fencing in multiple locations last night allowing for a path out. All of the goats and Hobo are in and unharmed and the fencing is all back up. Thanks again to those who helped keep them safe and re-secure."