Canadian model Natalie Reid, 21, who is a dead ringer for heiress Paris Hilton, posed for a six-page spread in Playboy magazine's September issue.

The special section is suggestively titled, "One Night as Paris."

"It's really gorgeous and very classy and it's very tasteful," the Winnipeg native said.

Reid has been earning up to $2,000 for attending private parties as a Paris impersonator, E! online reported.

Reid has been a professional dancer at Scores, a New York strip club Howard Stern made famous on his radio program.

"Natalie Reid has been a high-profile woman in the LA and New York social circuit for the past year," Playboy spokeswoman Jessica Sigelbaum said.

Although Hilton and Reid have met, an anonymous friend of Hilton said the resemblance was not amusing.

"The family has to spend money on lawyers to keep these fakes in their place," the friend told the Daily News. "It's a form of stalking."