The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board's latest radio advertisement is urging the state's residents to get mom what she really wants for Mother's Day: vodka.

The agency's ad, which joins a previous ad promoting wine as a Mother's Day gift, informs Pennsylvanians that vodka is available at affordable prices in several flavors, including cherry, strawberry kiwi and tropical punch, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported Wednesday.

"Treat her to the perfect Mother's Day cocktail this year," a voice says during the ad. "Try a Mother's Kiss mixed drink, made with equal parts ... strawberry kiwi vodka and lemonade."

Officials described the ad as harmless.

"The intention is to enhance an already wonderful celebration," board spokeswoman Stacey Witalec said. "And that is what this ad does. It celebrates motherhood."

However, some objected to the state promoting alcohol consumption.

"Are they out of their mind?" asked Harrisburg activist Eric Epstein, founder of "The state shouldn't be promoting alcohol consumption. The timing of this PR campaign is dangerous and disappointing ... and sends the wrong signal to teenagers during prom season."