Oxford English Dictionary's latest online North American update now lists such terms as "dust bunny" and the television-spawned "yada-yada" and "speed dating."

Jesse Sheidlower, the editor-at-large for the North America division, told ABC News it was part of the company's bid to become the chronicler of the language from the 1500s until now.

"We are going through the entire dictionary word for word and updating every single entry as well as adding about 250 new words every quarter," Sheidlower said.

Other new additions include "blonde moment," "hactivist," "plan b," "counterterrorism" and "plasma TV."

"The only criteria for getting a word added is if it is being used or not," he said. "If it's out there, even if it's vulgar and non-grammatical, it will go in."

Sheidlower said the dictionary now has more than 600,000 words, but the editors never take a word out, as obsolete terms might be relevant to a researcher years from now.