Kevin Reilly, shown the exit from his California office at NBC two months ago, is back in the entertainment president's seat, only this time at Fox.

Reilly's move means current entertainment chief Peter Liguori was bumped up to Fox Entertainment chairman, Variety reported Monday.

Peter Cherin, president and chief operating officer for News Corp. in New York, announced the changes Monday. News Corp. owns Fox.

The new roles mimic the Liguori-Reilly one-two combo the duo enjoyed at FX until Reilly left for NBC in 2003.

"The television industry has changed more in the last five years than in the past 20," Chernin said. "We need to be structured in a way that puts us in the best position take advantage of the myriad new opportunities digital technology has afforded the broadcast television business.

Chernin said when Liguori broached re-teaming with Kevin Reilly he thought "it was a bold move to redefine the structure of the network behind a pair of dynamic executives who have a proven track record of advancing the medium."