An Oregon man who listed a bag of pot among the items stolen from his truck wound up with a drunken-driving citation and, presumably, a hangover.

Calvin Hooper, 21, Salem, reportedly called 911 to say someone had broken into his vehicle in a tavern parking lot and stolen his jacket, $400 in cash and three-quarters of an ounce of marijuana.

A sheriff's spokeswoman told The (Salem) Statesman-Journal Hooper was having a rough night Tuesday after a stint at the Freeloader Tavern

Sheriff's Lt. Shelia Lorance said dispatchers sent Deputy Ryan Clark to the Freeloader to take a report, but Clark couldn't find the caller.

The caller dialed 911 again to ask where the deputy was, but the dispatcher had trouble understanding him because he repeatedly pulled over to vomit.

The deputy eventually located Hooper at an intersection standing about 100 feet from his parked truck. He allegedly told the deputy he was looking for the dirty dogs who swiped "his weed." Clark decided that was the right time to put the cuffs on.