An Ontario recycling company is reminding residents to use some discretion when getting rid of unwanted items after someone attempted to recycle a sword.

The Bluewater Recycling Association in South Huron said in a Facebook post titled "Most Unwanted -- April Edition" that someone put a metal sword into a "blue box" recycling bin.

The post said the sword "was found before going through our machinery or it could have caused expensive damage to our machines and serious health and safety issues for our employees."

The association said the sword's former owner might have been better off turning the weapon over to a second-hand store.

"Just because something is made of metal and may be perfectly recyclable at a local scrap yard, does not mean it is acceptable in the blue box for recycling," the post said.

"Placing pots and pans, bake ware, chains, electrical extension cords, nuts and bolts, etc. in the blue boxes simply adds to the contamination and down time in the processing facility. This also has the potential to add risk of injury for our employees."