A Los Angeles judge has extended an injunction barring O.J. Simpson from spending any of the reported $1 million advance he received for his book "If I Did It."

By including the book -- in which Simpson writes hypothetically about the killings of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman -- Superior Judge Gerald Rosenberg broadened his initial injunction last month, Eonline.com said. In January, he prohibited Simpson from spending money from past book, movie or sports deals, but not from "If I Did It."

The Goldman family had filed a federal lawsuit on the allocation of money from that book deal. When the suit was rejected because of jurisdictional issues, Rosenberg could issue an expanded order.

The revised order prohibits Simpson from "transferring, conveying, expending, liquidating, encumbering, hiding, concealing or otherwise disposing" of the $1.1 million he reportedly received for "If I Did It," although he can access money for "ordinary living expenses."

The spending ban is in effect until Feb. 20 when the situation will be reassessed.

Last year News Corp. yanked the book and a companion television special amid an uproar that Simpson would profit from the slayings. Since then, another publisher has expressed interest in publishing the book.