Nintendo announced a number of new games coming to its Switch console in 2019 and beyond including Luigi's Mansion 3 and a new Animal Crossing.

Nintendo made the announcements Thursday during a Direct presentation which featured teaser trailers for new titles and a look at the Switch's subscription-based online service which is set to launch on Sept. 18.

Luigi's Mansion 3 was shown first, with longtime Mario star Luigi once again exploring a haunted mansion as he battles ghosts and other supernatural creatures. The sequel will arrive for the Switch sometime in 2019 with Nintendo promising more details to arrive soon.

A new Animal Crossing for the Switch, also set for 2019, was announced following a message from series regular Tom Nook. Only a title screen was shown with no gameplay footage.

Also from Animal Crossing, series star Isabelle will be a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate when the crossover fighting game arrives on Dec. 7.

Other big announcements and trailers from the Direct related to the Switch included a new look at Yoshi's Crafted World, which will release in Spring 2019; classic Final Fantasy titles VII, IX, X, XII and Crystal Chronicles, which are coming in 2019; New Super Mario Bros. U is returning in 2019 with 164 courses and new playable characters; a short teaser for Town, a game from Pokemon developer Game Freak; and the return of Katamari Damacy which will arrive this winter.