Reports that Nicole Eggert was injured doing a dive on ABC's Splash celebrity diving competition have been greatly exaggerated, according to the actress.

"Thnx 4 all the love but I am not in the hospital nor was I in a diving accident. Just have swelling and bruising on my back and kidney's [sic]," the former Baywatch star wrote on Twitter Friday night.

Eggert's tweet followed a Friday afternoon report in which TMZ had reported the 41-year-old was taken to the hospital after she "bungl[ed] a high-dive and brutally back-flopp[ed] into the pool" while taping an upcoming episode of Splash.

According to the report, the dive included multiple backflips and a rotation error resulted in Eggert entering the water back-first and EMTs having to rush in and pull her from the pool.

A Splash representative had subsequently reportedly confirmed a diving incident to E! News, stating Eggert had suffered "a bad landing" was "currently consulting with a doctor."

Eggert had also appeared to confirm she had been taken to the hospital following the incident via Twitter.

"The ER is always fun," she tweeted late Thursday night.

However, while it was sparked by a dive she did at this week's Splash taping, Eggert's emergency room visit was apparently more precautionary than emergency.

"I went to see a Dr Thurs after I dive I did on wed's taping of Splash. I was not in the hospital. Media has gone wild with this!!!" she tweeted Saturday afternoon.