Nickelodeon has announced it's developing a TV movie based on the popular game show from the '90s, "Legends of the Hidden Temple."

The TV movie will "draw from the original game show's premise of kids competing to retrieve artifacts from a mysterious Mayan temple," the cable channel said in a statement.

Nickelodeon actress Isabela Moner of "100 Things to Do Before High School" fame is set to star alongside three siblings who embark on a high-stakes, life-or-death mission."

Other elements from the competition series which ran for three seasons, from 1993 to 1995, will appear in the new version including Temple's signature talking stone head Olmec and The Steps of Knowledge.

Moner shared her excitement about the role on Twitter on Monday, posting a photo of herself holding up the project's script. "My 1st action movie 'Legends of the Hidden Temple' slated to premiere 4th quarter 2k16," she wrote.

The news comes after the network announced the development of a "Hey Arnold!" television movie that would explore the whereabouts of Arnold's parents, a hanging plot line from the original series that was never resolved.