Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas reunited on stage at this week's Telehit Awards Concert in Mexico City after announcing last month The Jonas Brothers had broken up.

"Kevin is focusing on his business ventures," a source told E! News Thursday.

"As announced earlier, the band is no longer together. However, the guys had made a commitment to Telehit and wanted to keep that commitment."

Joe and Nick talked about performing together for the last time in an interview with Telehit before Wednesday's show.

"It's a lot of pressure," Nick said of performing with Joe after their pop group disbanded and not having Kevin share the stage with them at the Telehit event. "We actually didn't know that until just a couple of minutes ago. We were actually surprised by that. But it'll be great. The fans here are always amazing. We've played the venue before and it's always a good time."

"I think there's always a little nervous energy when you go out on stage," Joe said. "I'm just excited to get out there."