A New York state man broke a Guinness World Record for most alternating one-handed claps in 1 minute when he managed 853 claps.

Cory Macellaro, of Rocky Point, took on the record at Heritage Park in Brookhaven, in front of witnesses including Town Councilwoman Jane Bonner.

Macellaro managed 853 claps -- an average of more than 14 claps per second. His total beat the previous record of 685, which was set in 2019 by Hassan Alghazali of Baghdad, Iraq.

"This was my first time serving as a witness to a Guinness World Record attempt and I must say it was very exciting to be a part of Cory's big day," Bonner said after the attempt.

Video and audio evidence of the attempt is being submitted to Guinness for official certification, which officials said could take up to 12 weeks.