Students and volunteers at a New York college broke a world record by creating a 504-foot-long sushi roll.

A group of more than 300 Purchase College students and volunteers gathered Wednesday morning on the school's Great Lawn to transform some 800 sheets of nori paper, 500 cups of rice, 125 avocados and 200 pounds of surimi into the world's longest sushi roll under the guidance of Food Network chef Jet Tila.

"Last year, Chef Jet came to campus and we made a 50-foot-long sushi roll in our dining hall," Patrick Savolskis, executive director of the Purchase College Association, told The Journal News. "The idea was raised that we could make a longer one. That's when we discovered that there was a world record held by the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. We thought it would be fun to attempt to break it."

The 504-foot-long sushi roll whipped up Wednesday surpassed the 422-foot roll made by the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

The event raised $1,350 each for two charities, the Food Bank of Westchester and Midnight Run.