Up and coming K-pop girl group Loona has released a music video for their recent single "Heart Attack," which surpassed 300,000 YouTube views within two days.

Best known for bouncy feel-good tracks like "Girl Front," Loona takes their light-hearted style to a new level in the video released Wednesday for "Heart Attack," a campy, upbeat song.

The video follows the narrative of two girls in love at a time when being gay is still stigmatized in South Korea.

The song dispels any notion that it is about friendship, with blatant love-song lyrics like "Ireon ge fall in love hayan nae mame / neoreul damatteoni ppalgansaegi dwae," which translates to "This is what 'fall in love' is / Dipped you inside my white heart, and made it red."

Following the back and forth of two school girls as they journey toward a relationship, "Heart Attack" is a love song for the modern age.

Loona has steadily released songs since October 2016.

Each month, a new single introduces a new member of the group. "Heart Attack" introduces Chuu.

In 2018, the group will officially debut with all 12 members.