New "America's Got Talent" panelist Howard Stern says he will be the gold standard and judges from "American Idol" could learn from him.

Asked on TV's "Inside Edition" for his opinion regarding "Idol" panelist Jennifer Lopez's abilities as a judge, Stern replied: "America will get to see me as a judge. I think I'll be the gold standard. I think Jennifer Lopez, Randy [Jackson] and Steve [Tyler] need to watch the show and learn. That's all."

Stern said Lopez, in particular, must be more constructive.

"Jennifer is laughing at herself," he said. "She's a beautiful looking woman, but she's hired to be a judge. Certainly, she must hear, that some of the people are not singing that well. And you got to be willing to say it. It's constructive. There's nothing better than telling someone who can't sing that it's time to get another job."