Kevin Nealon, Catherine O'Hara and Judy Greer have signed on to lend their voices to the new U.S. stop-motion animated comedy series, "Glenn Martin, DDS."

The original show is the first television production to come from Michael Eisner's Tornante Animation. Slated to debut this summer on Nick at Night, the series follows a "beleaguered dentist and his family trading in the suburbs for life on the road."

The first season is to include 20 episodes.

"Crisscrossing the country, the Martins are beset by an array of colorful locals and crazy situations in locations ranging from Las Vegas to Amish Country," Nickelodeon said in a release. "Many of the characters they encounter are voiced by enough instantly recognizable guest stars to fill a parking lot of RVs, including Chrissie Hynde, Betty White, Gene Simmons, Wendie Malick and more."

"As we continue to fortify Nick at Nite with co-viewing entertainment, we couldn't be more excited about enlisting Michael Eisner, a man who knows a thing or two about entertaining families," Marjorie Cohn, Nickelodeon's executive vice president of development and original programming, said in a statement. "Eisner brought us this groundbreaking series that puts a bright spotlight on the modern American family in a laugh-out-loud new comedy. Taking the Martins on the road across America allows us to explore the beauty -- and comedy -- of the family dynamic as the Martins play out in contemporary culture."