NBC canceled Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist on Wednesday. The musical dramedy aired two seasons on the network.

Variety and Deadline reported the cancelation. The trades added that plans to move the show to the Peacock streaming service will not move forward either. Lionsgate Television told the trades they have no plans to continue shopping the series.

Zoey's starred Jane Levy as Zoey, a young woman who can hear people's inner thoughts as songs. This allowed the entire supporting cast and guest stars to cover pop songs in musical numbers only Zoey could see.

Zoey had a love triangle with her colleague, Simon (John Clarence Stewart) whom she heard singing about feelings for her and problems with his fiance. Zoey could also hear her father (Peter Gallagher), who is paralyzed and unable to speak due to supranuclear palsy, sing.

Mary Steenburgen played Zoey's mother, Alex Newell her neighbor and Skylar Astin another colleague at work. Lauren Graham guest starred as Zoey's boss.