Officials in Delaware are trying to find the owner of a calf that was found in the middle of a busy road by a pair of Department of Transportation workers.

Ally Istenes of Hartly said two Delaware Department of Transportation workers came to her door Tuesday and asked if she was the owner of the young cow they had found wandering in the nearby roadway.

Istenes said she doesn't own any bovine, but volunteered to keep the calf in her yard while the workers knocked on neighbor's doors trying to find the animal's owner.

She posted photos of the animal to local lost pets groups, but no owner came forward.

The calf was picked up later in the day by Department of Agriculture personnel, who took it to the First State Animal Center in Camden.

A department spokeswoman said the calf, nicknamed Wilbert by Istenes, will be put up for adoption if 10 days pass without an owner coming forward.