MTV yesterday announced the launch of a new season of "The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet" on Monday, September 29 at 10-11PM (ET/PT). This series features 28 of the most popular "Real World" and "Road Rules" alumni competing for cash money prizes worth nearly $300,000 for the winning team. Additionally, the launch special "Showdown at the Real World/Road Rules Corral: A Guide to the Gauntlet" premieres on Monday, September 22 at 10 PM(ET/PT).

Host Jonny Moseley returns to moderate the 14 physical and mental challenges in Telluride, Colorado, that will determine which show ultimately prevails. From adrenaline-fueled fighter plane dogfights to a stomach-churning ice cream eating contest, the challenges prove to be an impressive test of wills for both rookies and veterans alike. After every challenge, both teams select one player to battle it out in an additional Gauntlet elimination game. The Gauntlet will test the two competitors in everything from bull-riding to puzzle-solving. The loser must immediately head home, empty-handed. The Gauntlet winner remains in the game, but returns to the team that voted him/her out.

Not everyone is at each other's throats as Cupid pays a visit when two Real World teammates become full-fledged lovers. But a few aren't thrilled with the budding romance and a pal's ensuing jealousy makes things even juicier. The Roadies, meanwhile, aren't to be outdone and get some steamy action of their own. Who's secretly plotting against their own former castmate? Which underdog is repeatedly elected to the Gauntlet? And what air-tight friendship suddenly springs a leak when it comes time to vote? All is revealed this season on "The RW/RR Challenge: The Gauntlet."

The Real World casts members include: David (New Orleans), Alton (Las Vegas), Mike (New York 2), Nathan (Seattle), Norman (New York), Theo (Chicago), Matt (New Orleans), Trishelle (Las Vegas), Irulan (Las Vegas), Coral (New York 2), Montana (Boston), Elka (Boston), Tonya (Chicago) and Rachel (New York 2). The Road Rules cast members include: Abram (South Seas), Steve (The Quest), Darrell (Campus Crawl), Theo (Maximum Velocity), Dave (South Pacific), Laterrian (Maximum Velocity), Adam (The Quest), Tina (South Seas), Sarah (Campus Crawl), Katie (The Quest), Veronica (Semester at Sea), Cara (South Seas), Roni (Northern Trails) and Rachel (Campus Crawl).