An Oklahoma woman's "wanted" ad went viral online due to its unusual request: An orange cat to attend her children's Garfield-themed dinner.

Clara Edwards posted an ad to Craigslist and Instagram before making a printed copy and posting it at the Oklahoma University Medical Center.

The ad seeks to "borrow an orange cat for 24-48 hours, to have a lasagna dinner with Garfield-loving 4-year-old and 2-year-old children."

The flyer describes its author as "an increasingly desperate (but not crazy) mom-of-two with no friends that own orange cats."

Twitter user @lauren_jade44 snapped a photo of the flyer and posted it to the microblogging site, where it quickly went viral and spread to other websites including Reddit.

Edwards' husband, Chad, outed her as the posting's creator in a Twitter post. He said she was able to find someone with an orange cat to come over for dinner.