The soft London clay a retired British engineer has been digging from under his home for 40 years may have done the mole man in -- or out as it were.

The local city council has decided to evict the 75-year-old William Lyttle from his now roofless home for his relentless tunneling, which may have upset some home foundations in the neighborhood, The Times of London reports.

Lyttle said in a television documentary the digging was his idea of home extension underground.

The city council voted to evict him until an estimated $175,000 in repairs are completed.

Council engineers told a court Lyttle's tunnels could extend as much as 60 feet beyond his basement, enough space to swallow a double-decker bus.

In his TV interview, Lyttle said, "This is how the pyramids were built -- with blood, sweat and toil."