Rico Rodriguez, the 18-year-old actor who plays Manny Delgado on Modern Family, has announced on social media the death of his father.

"This has been the toughest week of my life," Rodriguez wrote in an Instagram post.

"My Dad was the most kind hearted, loving, hard working, determined, and funny man I have ever known. He was like a super hero, he had the ability to get the best out of you day in and day out. I'm gonna miss your hugs."

"I'm gonna miss your advice. I'm gonna miss your smile, and I'm gonna miss your laugh. I know you're looking down at us right now giving us the green light to move forward. I miss you Daddy. I'll love you forever - Your youngest."

Sunday's message accompanied a cute photo of father and son -- both wearing glasses and black shirts -- drinking milkshakes.

Entertainment Tonight Online reported a memorial service was held for Roy Rodriguez, 52, on Friday and he was laid to rest on Saturday.

The cause of his death was not immediately disclosed.