A wallaby that escaped from a Colorado sanctuary has apparently resurfaced about two weeks later in a city about 40 miles away.

The Zoology Foundation said Surprise, a 10-year-old male red-necked wallaby, escaped June 1 from his enclosure at the organization's animal sanctuary in Larkspur.

The foundation said it received reports of two "kangaroo" sightings Tuesday morning in Aurora that officials believed to be the fugitive wallaby.

Aurora is about 40 miles from Larkspur, but Maggie Lantzy, program director at the Zoology Foundation, said wallabies are known to wander and can travel at speeds of up to 30 mph.

The foundation said a crew searched for Surprise in Aurora on Tuesday, but was unable to locate the missing marsupial.

Officials asked anyone who spots the animal to contact the foundation and not attempt to capture Surprise themselves. They said wallabies are easily startled and can die as a result of fear.