Mike Tyson is entering the octagon for the first time in EA Sports upcoming MMA title, UFC 2.

The publisher made the announcement Wednesday, releasing gameplay footage of the boxing legend in action as he lays devastating knockout blows against UFC's roster of fighters.

Two versions of Tyson will be made available to players who preorder the game including Iron Mike Tyson, based on his appearance during his prime, and Legacy Mike Tyson, which represents the boxers more modern look complete with his trademark face tattoo.

"I love the #UFC and I'm in #EASPORTSUFC2 - WOW! Play as Legacy or Iron Mike on March 15," the former world heavyweight champion wrote on Twitter Wednesday alongside the gameplay trailer.

Other characters that be obtained through preordering include Bas Rutten and Kazushi Sakuraba. EA's previous game in the series, UFC included famed martial artist Bruce Lee as a bonus character.

Tyson is said to be augmented with the highest punching power in the game and will be able to face opponents in either light heavyweight or heavyweight weight classes.

Players can take control of Tyson when UFC 2 hits store shelves Mar. 15.