A woman participating in a beach cleaning event in England found a message in a bottle that had been tossed into the water by a man in Quebec.

Mary Bird said she was participating in the clean-up Saturday on Chesil Beach in Portland, Dorset, when she noticed a dark brown bottle with a cork in it.

"We noticed it had something in it, a message, so we took it up to Quiddles Cafe, where we pulled out the cork," Bird told the Dorset Echo. "We found a stick to fetch the contents out, and there was a strange rolled up plastic bag with writing on it."

The plastic bag contained a note in French from a man named Andre Huet. The note said the bottle had been tossed into the water in Quebec.

"It seems that the bottle traveled across the Atlantic in a year and five days and made its way from Quebec to Portland," Bird said.

She said she is working on a handwritten response to Huet.

Huet's sister-in-law said in a Facebook post that the man had launched the bottle from the Quai de Cloridorme boat club.

She said Huet previously launched a message in a bottle that was later found in Quebec's Magdalen Islands.