A Florida couple out for a walk on a beach found a message in a bottle that turned out to have been tossed into the water one year earlier and about 250 miles away.

Bob Murphy of Sebastian said he and his wife were walking along the beach north of Treasure Shores Park in Vero Beach and just south of the Sebastian Inlet when they found a washed-up bottle with a note inside.

The note inside was faded, but the Murphys were able to make out a girl's name and phone number.

Murphy called the number and spoke to a woman who said her daughter, Ella, is a Miami fifth grader who launched the bottle from Marathon, on the southern tip of Florida, about a year earlier.

"That makes the trip over 247 miles. Wow. Sometimes it's the simple things in life that bring happiness in today's crazy world," Murphy told Sebastian Daily.

A Washington state teenager recently learned her message in a bottle traveled an even farther distance in just two years. Niki Nie, of Battle Ground, said she was sailing the South Pacific with her family when she tossed a message in a bottle into the water as they crossed the equator.

Nie learned her bottle was found two years later during a beach clean-up in Papua New Guinea, about 1,500 miles from where it was thrown into the water.