Four employees of the WB's reality show "Cheaters" have been indicted in Fort Worth, Texas, on charges including assault.

The charges against "Cheaters" host Joey Greco, director Hunter Carson and two security guards stem from a confrontation between a woman and her estranged husband in Arlington, Texas, the Fort Worth (Texas) Star-Telegram reported Friday.

Rafael Gutierrez Jr. had films of his wife, Maria, having sex with Police Capt. Duane Paul in an unmarked city vehicle on three occasions, the newspaper said. He confronted his wife about her alleged affair outside her work with the "Cheaters" crew in tow.

When she tried to flee, she was allegedly allegedly assaulted by the four defendants in their attempt to keep her on camera.

"Cheaters" creator and executive producer Bobby Goldstein told the newspaper the charges were "just nuts" and joked he was "hiring Denny Crane from 'Boston Legal'" to represent his staff.

Rafael Gutierrez has a trial pending for previous alleged assaults on his wife and was also indicted Thursday on a charge of violating a protection order by showing up at her workplace with the TV crew.

Goldstein said the show knew about Gutierrez's previous assault charges but was unaware of the protective order.