Stephen Belafonte, the husband of America's Got Talent judge Melanie "Mel B" Brown, is denying accusations he beat his wife.

After Brown appeared on The X Factor U.K.'s live finale Sunday night with a questionable swollen cheek and obvious scratches on her arms, social media whipped up a storm alleging Belafonte must've hit her, especially since she ironically wasn't wearing her wedding ring during the show, the Daily Mail reported.

"I don't usually respond to Twitter msgs but I will respond to comments of hitting my wife which I think are quite disgusting un true!" Belafonte, Brown's husband of seven years, tweeted Monday.

"Mel was very ill. A bunch of doctors helped her get better. If fans can't just relax B4 being negative they r not real fans of @OfficialMelB."

Belafonte's tweets failed to silence Brown's worried fans. If anything, they seemingly sparked more speculation something is wrong with their marriage.

On Sunday's show, Brown reportedly said, "I really missed being here, but a big thank you to the doctors and nurses who got me here tonight."

Brown, 39, was admitted to the hospital Thursday night due to a mysterious illness a source claimed to be severe stomach pains, and then she missed Saturday's taping of The X Factor U.K., according to the Daily Mail.

"Absolutely gutted Mel is not able to make it tonight," fellow judge Cheryl Cole tweeted Saturday.

Brown's stay in the hospital remains largely unexplained and her fans therefore became concerned she wasn't really sick. Oddly enough, a couple fans reportedly insisted Brown had either lost her wedding ring at the hospital or it got stolen.

Brown's estranged mother and sister Danielle claimed they had been told "lies" about Brown's health and didn't know anything about her condition or treatment, the Daily Mail reported.

Brown has yet to comment on the rumors and her physical appearance.