Royal sisters-in-law Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton were spotted together at the Wimbledon tennis tournament on Saturday.

"The duchess of Cambridge, @Wimbledon Patron, and the duchess of Sussex will attend the Ladies' Singles Final on Saturday 14th July #Wimbledon," Kensington Palace tweeted Thursday.

"On Sunday 15th July, the duchess of Cambridge along with the duke of Cambridge will attend the @Wimbledon Gentlemen's Singles Final #Wimbledon," another palace post said.

Middleton, the duchess of Cambridge, wore a white dress with dark spots on it for the high-profile sporting event, while Markle, the duchess of Sussex, chose long, white pants and a blue-and-white, striped shirt for the occasion. The women were photographed side-by-side -- talking, laughing and clapping.

"Congratulations @AngeliqueKerber on your first @Wimbledon title! And well played @SerenaWilliams, a great final #Wimbledon," another message from the palace said Saturday.

Middleton is wed to Queen Elizabeth II's grandson, Prince William.

Markle married William's brother, Prince Harry, in May. The newlyweds made their first official royal visit to Ireland together earlier this week.

Photo credit: Kensington Palace/Twitter