A Los Angeles television producer has ticked off his neighbor and drawn city planners' attention with a massive, luxury tree house for his baby daughter.

Les Firestein told the Los Angeles Times he wanted to make the tree house "a magical place" for his 18-month old daughter. He enlisted friend and designer Roderick Romero, who has built tree houses for such celebrities as Sting and Donna Karan.

Roughly 20 by 30 feet, the tree house is made of reclaimed wood, salvaged windows and vintage stained glass from Buenos Aires.

But it also looks down into the yard of Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Richard Fleming, who claims it allows viewing of his swimming pool and hot tub. Fleming called the city to complain about a possible zoning violation.

Firestein was issued a stop-work order Friday until the zoning and permit issues are resolved, and he's not happy, the newspaper said.

"It's as if the city has come in and said, 'We're outlawing magic,'" he said.