Kevin Smith is defending "Suicide Squad" against the media critics who have savaged it.

The "Clerks" filmmaker and comic-book expert took to Instagram to say how much he loves the movie and respects its director David Ayer, who previously helmed "End of Watch" and "Fury."

"When I heard he was shepherding a cinematic #suicidesquad, my already-high interests in a @dccomics movie shot over the top: what would a gritty guy like Dave do with the likes of #Deadshot & #HarleyQuinn?" Smith wrote in his lengthy post, which accompanied a photo of him and Ayer.

"Well I think he made magic and did #dccomics proud. The #Squad movie doesn't look like any other comic book flick I've ever seen. The periodic use of both #Batman and the #joker as background characters instead of the usual leads was thrilling and felt like our first real glimpse at an interconnected #dceu. The cast is top notch but Harley, as expected, steals the show. The #jokerandharley beats are simply wonderful for a longtime fan to watch and make you immediately wanna see the all-Harley movie they already announced. Throwaway moments made me so happy (like Katana and her Soultaker sword) but this flick as a whole had me smiling the whole time. Thanks to her name, my kid @harleyquinnsmith_ was already on board for this movie - and she loved it (like LOVED it). I'll be heading back to see it again tonight so expect a brand new #FatManOnBatman review soon. #KevinSmith."

In addition to starring in and producing the AMC docu-series "Comic Book Men," Smith has also worked with current Batman portrayer Ben Affleck on the films "Chasing Amy," "Dogma," "Jersey Girl" and "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back."