A Maryland woman is celebrating a particularly lucky day after she scored two major Keno jackpots.

The 23-year-old Mechanicsville woman told Maryland Lottery officials her first brush with luck came during breakfast.

"My business partner accidentally got a 10-spot Keno ticket," the woman said. "He almost threw it away and I encouraged him to play it. I told him, 'There are no accidents! We play what we get!'"

The woman and her business partner decided to share the ticket, and they won $12,000.

She said the win left her still feeling lucky, so she decided to play Keno again after having dinner with her husband at St. Mary's Landing in Charlotte Hall. She then won $16,000.

The woman said some of the money will go toward buying Ariana Grande tickets for a friend's daughters, and she is looking into buying a septic tank truck for a business venture.