A goat on the loose outside of Washington, D.C., was rescued thanks to the actions of a couple of animal lovers and some gathered bystanders.

Sandra Harris of Davidsonville, Md., said she called her fiance, Jim Anderson, when he didn't arrive home at the scheduled time Saturday and he told her he had spotted a goat on Rutland Road.

"I drove by the farm where there is always sheep and goats, and I saw [a goat] was on the wrong side of the fence," Anderson told the Capital Gazette. "I was frantically trying to get someone on the phone, and the hunt was on."

Harris, who has worked in animal rescue for 20 years, rushed to the scene and she and Anderson chased the goat for a while and ended up with some help from a group of witnesses who spotted the chase.

The couple said they contacted the goat's owner and one of their helpers grabbed the goat.

"A guy had tackled the goat," Harris said. "The goat let us pet him then because he was tackled and hostage."

Harris and Anderson said they did not get the name of the man who tackled the goat, but they are hoping he will see their Facebook post and get in touch.

The goat was returned to its owner's property.