Marvel Comics has teamed up with CBS's "Guiding Light" to create an episode of the soap opera in which one of the main characters gets superpowers.

In the episode, "She's a Marvel," Beth Ehlers, as Harley Davidson Cooper, has an accident that gives her superpowers, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

Marvel is also producing an eight-page comic to commemorate the occasion.

Ellen Wheeler, the executive producer of "Guiding Light," said, "In my mind, we made an episode of 'Superman' from the '50s, with the kitsch and the fun."

The script for the comic version of "A New Light" was a balancing act, said Jim McCann, the comic's writer.

McCann said that he had to give readers enough information about "Guiding Light" characters as well as Marvel superheroes and villains.

"I tried to make it as universal and as accessible as possible for both sides," McCann said. "I threw in a couple of little things for 'Guiding Light' fans, so they would know I really did my homework on their show."