Martha Stewart will star in a spin-off of "The Apprentice," NBC executives said Wednesday.

The new show will be called "The Apprentice: Martha Stewart." Creator-producer Mark Burnett -- who made the announcement with "The Apprentice" star Donald Trump -- said the spin-off was "a natural."

"While both Donald and Martha are incredible business icons, they're in very different businesses," Burnett said. "This allows each version of 'The Apprentice' TV show to have a very different look and feel while operating within the same format."

Stewart is scheduled to be released from federal prison in March after serving a five-month sentence for lying to investigators about a stock deal. Burnett said Stewart's criminal record would not be a problem.

"This is a country that when you have a problem -- whether it's bankruptcy, criminal or civil -- you pay your price and Americans allow you move on," he said.

Burnett would not say when shooting will begin on the new show.

"We don't want people snooping around while we're shooting," he said.