Actress Marilu Henner and Michael Brown have married in New York, 36 years after they met at the University of Chicago.

The oddest part about this couple's story is that while they were attending the University of Chicago they were not a couple, the New York Times reported.

"My roommate Linda was dating him (Brown), and he would walk me back to the dorm from physics class to see her," said Henner, who later became an actress on the TV series "Taxi" and in Broadway shows. "I wish I had met him first."

When Brown and the roommate broke up, Henner wanted more than anything to pursue him, but she said the "girlfriend code" -- never date a friend's ex -- forbade it.

"I had no idea she felt that way," Brown, 54, said. "I'm a guy. I don't have that radar."

They met again almost 20 years after that and after a few trials fell in love.