Margot Robbie and Chris Hemsworth battled each other in a round of Australian trivia Wednesday on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" in order to find out who is the best Aussie.

The game, titled Ellen's Australian Boxers, featured the Hollywood stars wearing kangaroo onesies complete with huge boxing gloves.

The huge boxing gloves made it hard for Robbie and Hemsworth to buzz in with their answers as host Ellen DeGeneres asked random questions about things that were related to Australia.

"Gay marriage became legal in Australia this week, name an Olivia Newton-John song," DeGeneres asked, with Robbie getting the point for answering "Physical."

Other comedic questions included asking what time it was in Australia, which Hemsworth brother does Robbie prefer and what is Hemsworth's home address.

Hemsworth ultimately came away with the victory after he correctly answered "Oprah" when DeGeneres asked which one of her neighbors may run for president.