A North Carolina man credited a good deed with leading him down the path to winning a $349,027 lottery jackpot.

Thomas Frye, of Charlotte, told North Carolina Education Lottery officials he needed to get rid of an old bed frame and decided to donate it to the Salvation Army instead of selling it or throwing it away.

Frye said he decided to stop at the Adams Mart in Matthews on his way home and bought a Cash 5 ticket.

"I always use a combination of my own numbers and a Quick Pick," Frye said. "But this time I decided to use all Quick Pick."

Frye said he checked his numbers the next morning and was shocked to see he had won the $349,027 top prize.

"I just kept looking at the tickets," Frye said. "I had to check the numbers at least three times."

Frye said his winnings will go into savings.

"This is a big boost to our retirement," Frye said. "It's amazing to have this. I feel so blessed."