A British man who opened the electricity cupboard at his home to check his meter received a shock when he found a 3-foot snake coiled up inside.

Chris Newman, director of the National Center for Reptile Welfare, said the man opened the utility cupboard Wednesday at his Weast, Salford, home and came face to face with a non-venomous North American rat snake.

Newman shared a photo of the snake on Facebook along with a plea for help from snake experts in the area.

The post came to the attention of Kate Lui, who lives about 15 minutes from the man's home in the Manchester area. Lui was able to collect the snake from the man's house and give it temporary lodging at her home.

Newman said he and Lui were in contact Friday with a woman who believed the snake to be her escaped pet. He said the snake would be returned to the woman if she could prove ownership.