A Maryland man is facing charges he allegedly tried to blow up a gingerbread house with fireworks in an incident that left his wife injured, officials said.

Jerry Lee Heinefield, 36, of Rock Hall has been charged with reckless endangerment, possession of illegal fireworks and discharge of fireworks, The Star-Democrat, Easton, Md., reported Friday.

Investigators said on Feb. 3, Heinefield loaded a small gingerbread house with fireworks on his front porch.

When he lit the fireworks, the small house exploded and a piece hit his wife's wrist.

Catherine Heinefield, 33, suffered a puncture and burn to her wrist that required treatment at a local hospital.

"Incidents of this type are a reminder of the potential hazards when using fireworks. These devices can be far too dangerous to use or experiment with," said state Fire Marshal William E. Barnard. "Lacerations, finger amputations, burns and eye injuries are a painful price to pay for a few minutes worth of excitement and pleasure."