FOX has announced that starting September 11th, romance sets sail on the high seas! The producers of Road Rules and The Real World invite you aboard Love Cruise: The Maiden Voyage for love, betrayal and intimate affairs. In this unscripted, unpredictable series, sixteen singles set a course for true love on a fifteen-day, tropical cruise.

Once at sea, these charismatic guys and gals meet with the hopes of making that special connection. Initially, the singles are paired up, but have the option of switching partners every three days. Every three days, when the group is divided by gender to vote off members of the opposite sex, tearful pleas and hot tempers emerge. Those who leave are shipped off to "Loser Island" (a.k.a. Aruba), but may be called back into the game at any time.

The final couple wins a cash prize and a trip around the world!