A class ring lost by its owner 15 years ago is on its way back to him after it was found by workers doing sorting at a Tennessee recycling plant.

The Town of Collierville said workers came across the Collierville High School class of 2003 ring while sorting through materials at the West Tennessee Recycling Hub and turned it over to officials.

Josh Russell, Collierville's assistant sanitation manager, said the name Joel Fong was inscribed on the ring.

"We went through the records of the local government system, found the name, and we were able to pinpoint him and get in touch with him," Russell told WMC-TV.

Fong, who now lives in Corpus Christie, Texas, said he lost the ring 15 years ago while working at a Collierville grocery store.

"There's still good people out there. Somebody took time out of their day to do that and it's just a blessing. Everybody needs to keep doing the same. Little things like that just gives people hope," Fong said.

The ring is now in the mail, on its way to Fong's new home.