A man with only one horse said he brought home a foster rescue dog and the equine and canine soon struck up a close friendship.

A video posted to YouTube by user whitehorseben shows Rocky the horse sharing his bucket of water with his favorite companion, Callie the dog.

The pair then playfully chase one another around a grassy area.

The uploader said the horse and dog formed an unusually close friendship. He said the animals "spend a couple of hours every day playing together. Callie pines to get out of the house to play and when Rocky whinnies Callie goes running to him with her tail in the air."

"Callie was a rescue dog that I looked after for a time while ARC (Animal Rescue Cobh) looked for a permanent home for her. [She] became very friendly with my horse Rocky. I think this may have been as a result of the horse being lonely as a result of having no other horses for company," whitehorseben wrote on YouTube.