Actress Lindsay Lohan was charged with DUI Saturday after crashing her luxury car in Beverly Hills, Calif., and police say cocaine was found in the car.

Police responded to a report of the accident around 5:30 a.m., but when they got there Lohan was gone -- and so was her black Mercedes convertible.

Beverly Hills Police Lt. Mitch McCann told reporters at a news conference Saturday police tracked Lohan to Century City Hospital -- where he said she was treated for injuries in her upper chest area -- and arrested her on the misdemeanor DUI charge.

Police eventually located Lohan's car and searched it, and McCann said the search turned up what appeared to be cocaine.

"It was a usable amount of illegal narcotics," McCann said, "and it was preliminarily identified as cocaine."

McCann said Lohan -- the star of "Georgia Rule" and "Mean Girls" -- could face additional felony charges when the case is presented to the district attorney's office.

The celebrity news Web site X17 reported that Lohan appeared inebriated when seen leaving a Hollywood Hills party about 5 a.m. Earlier in the evening, she was seen being driven by her bodyguard in another vehicle, but she allegedly returned to her condo and then left again in her own car, X17 said.

Lohan, who doesn't turn 21 until July 2, has a history of alcohol-related incidents.