Actress Lindsay Lohan and her friend, disc jockey Samantha Ronson, could not headline a South Florida Valentine's Day event due to illness, a source says.

Amanda Senoff, director of marketing for the Passions nightclub that hosted the holiday event, said the two women, who have been romantically linked by the media, rescheduled Saturday's appearance after falling ill, reported.

"Lindsay and Samantha stayed out late last night in New York City, and are not feeling well," Senoff told People "A doctor said Sam was too sick with the flu to travel and Lindsay is also feeling sick. So they rescheduled for March 7."

Ronson also spoke with People about the event, which Lohan and Ronson were to host while offering headline disc jockey services.

"We really feel bad, and I work sick when I can, but unfortunately I couldn't drive to Miami, so I'm stuck in New York City with doctor's orders not to fly," Ronson said. "Any reports otherwise are false and unfair."