Rapper Lil' Kim, whose real name is Kimberly Jones, celebrated the Fourth of July with a barbecue at her $2.3 million estate in Alpine, N.J.

She was released from a federal prison in Philadelphia on Monday and spent the day chatting with her mom, Ruby Jones, strolling the grounds of her home in a casual shirt and rolled-up jeans, the New York Post reported Wednesday.

Kim's outfit was far from the usual cleavage-baring tops favored by the singer, who had gained a few pounds while in jail.

In an apparent nod to fellow rapper Jay-Z, Lil' Kim did not have any Cristal champagne at her coming home party. Not that she could drink it anyway. One of the conditions for her 30-day house arrest is no alcohol.

Lil' Kim served 10 months for lying to a jury about a shooting outside a Manhattan radio station. Along with house arrest she will be on probation for three years, said the New York Daily News.