An Illinois man's daughter followed in his foot steps when, like her dad some 33 years ago, she was birthed in a parking lot, the family said.

Frank Pavlik, 33, was born in the parking lot of Louis Joilet Mall in Joliet unable to wait for his parents to make it to the hospital for a proper delivery.

And it was deja vu for the clan when Pavlik's wife, Erica Pavlik, pregnant with the couple's third child, found herself in a remarkably similar situation.

Having already gone through labor twice and after experiencing a false labor with their third child, Erica Pavlik said she didn't think she needed to be in any particular rush when she first felt contractions Saturday, WBBM-AM, Chicago, reported.

"I'm thinking the baby's not coming for another eight hours," she said.

When the contractions quickly began to intensify Erica Pavlik called her mother to rush her to the hospital because Frank was at work. The women never made it that far. They were forced to pull over about 10 minutes away from home in a gas station parking lot where Pavlik's mother delivered a baby girl, Hannah, safe and sound before paramedics could arrive to assist.

"I mean, she just came out ... I won't say [it was] easy, but easier than I thought," Pavlik said.